本期选自The Economist 201陆-07-30

  1. loss-making 平时亏损的,无利的,not making a profit
    原稿句子:The loss-making site also suggested revenue for the
    current quarter might be as low as $590m, well below market

  2. better bet 更智慧的选项, 越来越好的选料
    初稿句子:For the time being at least, human judgment is still a
    better bet than cold-hearted code.

  3. on a roll 三番五次制伏中,正在走好运,超过常规发挥,为虎添翼,experiencing a
    series of successes
    初稿现身在Science and Technology板块Printed

  4. mean girl 坏女孩,women who use passive-agressive or outright
    aggressive tactics to shame, humiliate, ostracize, or hurt other
    women, often with the intention of making herself look better by

  5. time capsule 时间和空间胶囊;
    初稿相关句子:Now, Nigel Blamey of Brock University, in Ontario,
    Canada, has brought some evidence to bear on the question. His
    study, just published in 吉优logy, is the first to measure directly
    the composition of samples of air from this ancient time. They were
    trapped in rock salt from the Officer Basin in south-western
    Australia, laid down by the evaporation of seawater between 830m and
    800m years ago.

  6. Abenomics 安倍文学
    原稿句子:Abenomics may have failed to live up to the hype but it
    has not failed.

  7. sprawl 蔓延,无安排地扩张
    原来的书文句子:Instead of focusing, Yahoo sprawled.

  8. self-serving 自私下利的,interested only in yourself
    初稿句子:Besides their suspicion of trade and immigration, nearly
    all rail against their country’s elite, whom they invariably
    describe as self-serving.

  9. think-tank 智囊团,a group or institution organized for intensive
    research and solving of problems, especially in the areas of
    technology, social or political strategy, or armament.
    原稿句子:提姆bro, a Swedish free-market think-tank, has compiled an
    index of what it calls “authoritarian populism”, which tracks the
    strength of drawbridge-up parties in Europe.

  10. (be at) cross purposes 风流云散 , 相互误解 , 意见相左
    原稿出现在Europe板块Catholic youth in Poland
    有关句子:As the global church trends liberal, the Polish church is
    not following.



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