What Can Damage Your Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is one of the major investments in your house. Aside from improving the value of your house, they can last for a long period with the right care. Despite their durability and longevity, it is still possible to damage this floor. You should not make the mistake of believing that every damage can just be sanded away by refinishing the floor. Of course, you can’t infinitely refinish your hardwood flooring Fort Wayne.

Here are a couple of things that can damage your hardwood flooring:

Going Too Long Without Refinishing

Over time, your hardwood floors’ finish will start to show wear patterns and scratches on the surface. It is time to recoat your floors whenever dull traffic marks become clear. Recoating hardwood is a simple process. It will take a couple of hours and it doesn’t cost as much as refinishing. Typically, you have to do this every 3 up to 5 years. You’ll wear right through the finish if you wait too long. Sanding and refinishing will be required once you start wearing the bare wood.

Wearing High Heels Inside

Before you put on your high heels, you’ve got to ensure you wait until it is time to leave whenever you are getting ready for a night out. Typically, heels are pointy. Also, if you hear heels, your weight won’t be distributed evenly. This can leave huge dents on your floor.


Each time you sit down on furniture directly sitting on the hardwood floors, the furniture will mark your floor if it will shift slightly. Over time, this damage will get worse. You should always utilize furniture pads on every leg to avoid marking the floors. This can keep your floor scratch-free and beautiful. Also, you need to avoid dragging any heavy appliances or furniture over the floor. Whenever you are moving heavy items, you need to always utilize felt pads.

Too Much Liquid Floor Cleaner

When cleaning the floor, there is a wrong and a right way. Though hardwood flooring nowadays is made to ensure a couple of wet cleaning, it is still vital to lower the amount of liquid cleaner you utilize. You should not drench your floors. The best way is to clean small areas with a damp cloth or mop. You have to do this every 4 up to 6 weeks. You should not pour cleaning product onto the floor directly. This can cause an uneven appearance or swelling.

Pet Claws

For those who don’t know, your pet can damage your floors. Their claws can scratch the floors. Dog and cat claws can dent and scratch hardwood. The ideal way to prevent this issue and protect your floor is to regularly trim the nails of your pets.

Pet Accidents

If you own a pet, accidents are part of your life. Though your hardwood flooring can endure the frequent accident, you should keep in mind that liquid is one of the worst enemies of wood. You might stain your floor if you don’t clean up pet urine immediately.

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